Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Love Earth mama angel baby bottom balm

I bought this earthmama angelbaby bottom balm after reading about it from a blog. My baby was having really bad milk rash on her face and her whole cheek was so red and rough it was such a heartache to see.

However, as she was too small at about only 1 month old, i dare not apply it on her whole face. I only dab a little on some spots. It was really good. The healing came fast.
angel baby bottom balm is actually a balm, sort of like lipbalm in texture but smell a little like ointment but a mild one. The label says that it is a "first aid in a jar" that can be use on minor cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns and more.

When my baby was about 2 months old. We went to church and was at the nursery. I placed her on a mattress and there came a little toddler who had just learned how to walk approached us.....and while busy playing with a toy, she swing the toy and it landed on my poor little baby's head. Though the toy wasn't a large one, it does have hard surface and my baby was crying, probably more so due to shock than pain. Anyway, upon inspection, i found 2 visible lines of scratches on a face, a tiny bump also appeared that sort of look like a mosquito bite. My poor baby.....immediately i put her to sleep. And while she was sleeping, i took this angel bottom balm out and using a cotton bud, dabbed them on the lines and the bump.

When she had awaken from her sleep in an hour, i was delighted to see that the bump was gone. The lines too had lighten.

I continued to apply the balm on the lines that night.
The next morning, the lines had vanished completely!!

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